With every generation, more people will start migrating to the keyboard as their primary writing method, leaving behind the days of handwritten essays and letters. But the pen and paper are far from dead. In fact, they’re about to grow up.

Equil Smartpen 2 is the modern evolution of the pen, the upright walking descendent to the tried and true writing method. It just completed funding on IndieGoGo and obliterated its goal by over one thousand percent—netting over $500,000 total.

“We of course are thrilled with the contributions we’ve collected, but even more thrilled with the number of people we’ve reached. According to Indiegogo we have one of the largest non-US percentage of contributors and we are not only spanning the globe but also all age ranges, genders, levels of education and professional backgrounds,” Kathryn Hunt of Luidia, the team behind the Equil Smartpen, told us.

The reason nearly 4,500 funders are clamoring for Equil is clear: It brings note taking into the twenty-first century. Thanks to a small ultrasound and infrared receiver, any piece of paper can become a digital record.

The Equil Smartpen 2

The receiver captures every stroke made with the Equil Smartpen, capturing it in an instant and making it available on your mobile device. It makes note of levels of pressure making it perfect for sketches as well.

“All the technology is in the tip of the pen and the receiver so you can use your favorite notebook or paper just the way you normally would, but everything is saved, editable and shareable,“ Kathryn explained.

Users of Equil are able to change color, line thickness, brush or pen styles, and more all from an app to create varieties of unique writing and drawing experiences all from the same pen. Handwritten notes can be converted into text and saved to other apps, making it easy to scribble down notes and turn it into a searchable digital document for later.

While the crowdfunding campaign for Equil Smartpen 2 is over, the pen is far from done. Backers of the campaign will have their pens shipped out immediately and the product will begin its retail run.

The days of piling up notebooks and madly flipping pages to find an entry are over.

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