Back in the day, you had to work at becoming famous–not so much anymore. Thanks to the internet, anyone with a great question, red sweater, and disposable flash camera can achieve insane popularity overnight.

This is what happened to Ken Bone back in October of 2016. He became an internet sensation after his appearance at the Second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He asked a question about the oil and gas industry, however, it wasn’t his question that sparked his newfound popularity.

It was something about his moustache, his red sweater, and the fact that he actually took a picture of the events afterward with a disposable camera that made the whole internet fall in love with him (myself included).

So, with that said, I’m here to ask, what’s he been up to since?

Literally the day after that fateful night, Ken Bone talked to Anderson Cooper on CNN, and also Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. It’s incredible how quickly the media moves.

Ken Bone also appeared on Fox and Friends the day after, and by October 12 he announced his own official t-shirt.

On October 20, just eleven days after becoming known to the public, Ken Bone partnered with IZOD for a new ad campaign. However, that wasn’t the first time he partnered with a major brand–a week before he gave a shout out to Uber on his Twitter feed for launching in St. Louis.

For the most part, Mr. Ken Bone has been pretty active on Twitter. He likes to engage with his fans and is actually quite funny when he chooses to reply. He’s an entertaining guy to follow.

He’s also popped up on a few Reddit AMA’s since his newfound fame and sporadically appears on certain TV shows every now and then. We hope Ken Bone keeps it up.

Oh! And if you want to follow his new YouTube Channel, here’s the link below:

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