Good Morning, I am Mike Rasco and this is the West Texas Update.
Hilary Clinton was nominated at the democratic convention to run for president. Here in West Texas people have been saying, “Isn’t she married to that Clinton guy, who, well, umm…” No ‘Vote for Hilary Clinton’ stickers have been found on cars in Midland or Odessa that haven’t been vandalized in some way.
Oil prices have recently come off their highs near or at $50. So everyone who was buying new hard hats and work boots have been returning them in a mad rush to pay the electricity bill, water bill, or buy soon-to-be-needed school clothes. Also, schools are asking that parents not send their kids to school wearing wore out 5 sizes too big work boots.
Banks have begun a new ad campaign to drum up new accounts. If you open an account with a $100 bill, you get a free toaster or a drilling rig. You must hurry because they are almost out of toasters.
Texas Game & Fish have reported an increase in poaching and a decrease in valid deer licenses being issued. Of course, this is attributed to men just trying to put meat on the table still. The most popular poached animal is yearling steer and old cows.
Bankruptcies are up in West Texas, but it’s not all a bad thing for some. Going bankrupt and having everything repaid just means you are kinda debt free.
Spam, frank and beans, and chicken are the most popular BBQ items this summer in Midland Texas as opposed to 2013’s lobster and rib eye.
Beers are still beers. In West Texas when things are good we have a nice cold beer (or a dozen). When times are bad, those beers taste just as good, and can also be cried in.
Trading in a pulling unit for scrap iron will get you 3 cases of beer now, down from last months average of 5 cases — that’s complicated math between scrap prices, beer prices, and oil prices.
West Texas men have been talking about how hot it hasn’t been this summer. Then they realize they are standing in line at a soup kitchen with air conditioning, and not on location which could boil diesel.
Marriages are down, birth rates are down, divorce is up, theft and crime, in general, is up. So I guess the oil & gas industry was good for something after all.

About The Author Mike Rasco

Born in 1981 in Oil Center New Mexico, I have been involved in all aspects of the upstream oil & gas industry. My hero’s were the old salty oilmen who worked with and for my father in the late 80’s. I wanted to be the “Company Man” since I was 6. My teachers had all thought I lost my mind. Who would want to work oil in the 80's and 90's. Looking back, I should have became a doctor. I began writing humorous posts that pointed out what we all here in West Texas were complaining about. I think if you can't see the humorous side of some of the nightmare situations we're put in, then maybe you are in the wrong line of work. I might be the one person on the face of the earth that is exactly where he wants to be and couldn't be happier to wake up in the morning and drive to the field.