Instagram is a special platform. It lacks versatility like Facebook, but what it lacks in utility, it makes up for in trendiness.

I’m a marketing guy, and I’ve read time and time again how much more engagement Instagram drives than Facebook and other social media channels. But the nature of how to work Instagram shrouds it in a kind of mystical cloud for big businesses. If businesses can’t come right out and write a post, then what’s the use?

Because of this thinking, many big players in the oil and gas industry have yet to enter the Instagram arena. But I’m pleased to write that these early adopters provide a fascinating window into both upstream and downstream activities. Here’s a list of 5 Instagram accounts to follow.

With 12,600 Instagram followers, BP likes to mix it up, spotlighting life on the rig, their corporate office environment, and their impact on the world. This account is pretty generic, but still interesting.

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