Do something with me for a second. Try to remember, if you can, what kind of gas mileage your car gets. Is it 20? Is it 22? Maybe it’s more near 25, which is the industry average.

Now let’s think about the limits of gas mileage for an automobile.

Let’s really push the boundaries and think about what might be possible for cars today. I know I thought 40 MPG was the limit for any kind of Hybrid vehicle on the market today. I never thought it could get any higher than that.

Do you have your number?

I’ll go ahead and give you something: The Prius gets about 42 MPG.

The problem is the Prius isn’t even in the top five on this list. I’m going to stop playing around with you and just give you the figures. With that said I’m actually at the dealer right now trying to pick up one of the cars I’m about to show you.

Here are the top five most fuel-efficient cars of 2016.

5. Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe


Combined MPG: 107

Engine: Direct Current Permanent Magnet Motor

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