We gave Doug, who’s not in the O&G business, a video to watch and interpret in his own words. Here’s what he came up with…



  • The big news of 2016 was OPEC finally agreeing to oil production cuts. The big question is will they stick to what they agreed to?
  • Paolo Scaroni says the price of oil per barrel will remain between $50 and $60.
  • In addition to being an oil industry expert, Paolo Scaroni should also be a crime boss in Jersey.
  • When the price of oil per barrel gets close to $60, investments in Shale oil will bring the price down.
  • Scaroni likes to dodge questions about Donald Trump.
  • I have no idea what “Repershmom” means. But it sounds like a word I’d like to get more involved with. #CoolWithForeignAccents.
  • Scaroni believes most of Europe is against sanctions on Russia.
  • Scaroni likes to visit Russia often and is homies with Vladimir Putin and may have helped him write his thesis on hydrocarbon. #DoubtIt.
  • Russia always maintains its promises… unless it comes to hacking classified/top secret information, or not brutally invading sovereign countries.

Some highlights… (click here to play video)

 :01 – Always makes me feel safe to start with a wave from V-Pu.:20-:25 – Nervous, stuttering hosts do not make me feel safe.

:44 – Need to come up with a more intriguing name than “Generic” for a graph.

:46-:56 – If you’re a fan of mumbling, this is your sweet spot.

1:33 – Nice to see Big Ben behind Sarconi. At least it’s more interesting than the “We’ll see what he’s going to do” answers being given.

1:40 – I thought he was going to say “Make America Great Again”… you will too.

1:48 – “Repershmom?” I know that can’t be what she says, but I can’t hear anything else.

2:05 –  2:59 – Sarconi puts a clinic on, on how to drag out an answer to a simple “more or less?” question… and in the end just say “The European situation will improve.” Translation – “Do you have to worry?”… “More or less”.

3:10 – 3:30 – Sarconi kisses Putin’s ass.

3:34 – Russia always keeps its promises. Especially when they sign a piece of paper. And as they say in Trump Tower… Viva La Putin!

About The Author Doug Krintzman

Doug Krintzman is a Key Art and Golden Trailer Award winning copywriter in the motion picture advertising industry. He’s helped re-launch Fuel TV and their new UFC content brand as writer/producer for the networks on air promo department. In addition to selling a comedy pitch to Columbia Pictures, he’s titled the films "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle", and “Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl”. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Doug is an avid Boston sports fan, movie connoisseur, blues buff, and political junkie. Known for his quick wit, sharp comic sense and timing, Doug Krintzman offers a fresh take and brings unique and original thought to any and all topics.