1. OPEC is a great organization looking out for our best interests.

2. Global warming not only scares me, I am trying to reduce my carbon foot print.

3. Best part of my day: arguing with engineers while trying to do my tubing tally.

4. Your prices on trucking are too low, I’d come up another $600.

5. My reports are done and accurate.

6. I wish they would let this road get rougher.

7. Great, here comes the land owner!

8. I forgot to bill for last month, so I’ll just give ya’ll that one.

9. I look forward to running slickline.

10. I forgot to call the RRC before we started pumping long string — no biggie.

11. Arent ya’ll glad we don’t have phone service on this location?

12. No thanks, I’m not hungry (said to salesman on the phone)

13. If you guys are tired, we can run rods tomorrow.

14. I wish I was in the office more.

15. Hey guys, it’s raining. We can do this bit trip later.

16. Oh look the coffee pot is full.

17. I don’t like BBQ.

18. I can’t wait for the next post-appraisal meeting.

19. I think the engineers like me.

20. Pipe wrenches are easy to fish.

21. I’ve never had to wait on an AFE#.

22. Ya’ll can text and Facebook on the floor. Your social life is obviously more important.

23. I can just use the last well’s tubing tally.

24. Don’t run a free point, lets just cut somewhere.

25. I’m not tired.

26. Man, well control school was a blast this year. I learned so much.

27. Testing tubing back in the hole today, we have 8,000′ so we should be done in an hour.

28. Hope this rig breaks down.

29. Whats a tally?

30. Without this procedure, I couldn’t figure out what to do next.

31. Did you guys watch “Real Housewives” last night?

Used with permission from OilPro

About The Author Mike Rasco

Born in 1981 in Oil Center New Mexico, I have been involved in all aspects of the upstream oil & gas industry. My hero’s were the old salty oilmen who worked with and for my father in the late 80’s. I wanted to be the “Company Man” since I was 6. My teachers had all thought I lost my mind. Who would want to work oil in the 80's and 90's. Looking back, I should have became a doctor. I began writing humorous posts that pointed out what we all here in West Texas were complaining about. I think if you can't see the humorous side of some of the nightmare situations we're put in, then maybe you are in the wrong line of work. I might be the one person on the face of the earth that is exactly where he wants to be and couldn't be happier to wake up in the morning and drive to the field.