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  • OPEC Secretary-General Mohammed Barkindo, or as his inner circle and I call him – “Mo Betta Barko” gives us a walk thru of OPEC’s plans after the Istanbul conference. And by “walk thru” I mean “talk around.”
  • If you’re a fan of the words “roadmap” and “Algiers,” you’re in for a real treat.
  • If you’re a fan of details, you’re not in for any kind of treat.
  • The basic take away: OPEC is feeling positive moving forward as long as the world keeps using oil as its primary energy source and oh yeah, save the environment.

Some highlights… (click here to play video)

1:26: First big action, as a bird, feeling the upcoming non-answering of questions, checks out with a devastatingly effective “fly-out.”

1:40: The interviewer, sensing the question dodging, drops a “sounds great” on “Barko” which they both know is a, “I’m not buying it.”

2:10: A question about Iran is asked…. Then gracefully dodged.

2:34: It’s a given that English is not Barko’s first language, but it doesn’t excuse his butchering of the word “circumstance.”

3:36: If you want to know how many barrels a day a pissed off Iraq should produce according to OPEC… you won’t find the answer here. Another smooth avoidance of a concrete answer.

5:22: The proposals for going forward are…. Inappropriate to talk about. But what can be said is pretty much… nothing – except “trust us, it’s all positive.”

7:18: When it comes to non-OPEC countries’ involvement moving forward… the tone shifts to… exactly the same type of response as “that’s positive too.”

7:57: If you want to know the acceptable range of a price per barrel, according to Barko the answer is a holistic one. Huh? Exactly.

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