We gave Doug, who’s not in the O&G business, a video to watch and interpret in his own words. Here’s what he came up with…



  • (Saudi) Aramco is looking to do the world’s biggest IPO.
  • Aramco is trying to diversify away from oil.
  • No word yet if this “IPO Roadshow” will air online, on air or PayPerView only.
  • The timeline for this IPO is pretty precise… “Anytime next year.”
  • Aramco is also looking to invest $5 billion into renewable energy companies.
  • I’m waiting for a mouse to start working its way thru the apparent maze over interviewee Matthew Martin’s left shoulder.

Some highlights… (click here to play video)

:01 –:20 – Long way to get to a simple question – “Why does Saudi Aramco need to issue a bond?”

:25 – “A lot of things on the cards…” – #MadeUpTerm

:56 – I do love the way a foreign accent says “process”. “Proh-cess.”

1:00 – “Preparing to be more transparent…” – means, not transparent at the moment.

1:50 – The pronunciation of “progress” gives me the same goosebumps as the pronunciation of “process”.

About The Author Doug Krintzman

Doug Krintzman is a Key Art and Golden Trailer Award winning copywriter in the motion picture advertising industry. He’s helped re-launch Fuel TV and their new UFC content brand as writer/producer for the networks on air promo department. In addition to selling a comedy pitch to Columbia Pictures, he’s titled the films "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle", and “Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl”. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Doug is an avid Boston sports fan, movie connoisseur, blues buff, and political junkie. Known for his quick wit, sharp comic sense and timing, Doug Krintzman offers a fresh take and brings unique and original thought to any and all topics.