I’ve written about Petroleum Engineering a few times–enough to the point where I might consider going back to school for it. It’s a dynamic line of work where you’re basically the boss of certain oil wells across a broad territory.

Oh yeah, I would love that.

But, like any line of work, there’s pros and cons to the gig. Let’s go over the cons first.


Long Hours

Some Petroleum Engineers work 30 days on, 30 days off. Then there are the occasions they have to work 80 hour weeks to either take care of problems or inspect new sites.

Work in Remote Locations

A city life probably isn’t going to happen for most employed in this field. Drill sites are mostly in remote locations around the world, but if you’re okay with a laid-back lifestyle, this wouldn’t bother you.

Hard To Earn A Degree

Any degree in Engineering is difficult, but if you’re considering going to school for Petroleum Engineering, just know it’s going to be a difficult four years.

Lots of Responsibility

Companies will look to you to solve problems and keep operations profitable. If you’re immune to pressure, then this won’t be a problem.



Pay for most Petroleum Engineers is at least $80,000. You won’t have to worry about financial problems in this field.

The Opportunity To Travel

In this field, you’ll get to visit drill sites regularly. You won’t have to worry about staying in the office all day!

Dynamic Work Life

You also won’t be doing the same things every day. So if you’re not a fan of routine, this might be the job for you.

You’re Valuable To The Company

You won’t have to worry about purpose or value in this role. You’ll be very valuable to the company that employs you until the end of your career.

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