They say it can get mighty hot in the oil fields. And here’s living proof.

Two of the contestants chosen for The Bachelorette Canada are smokin’ hot oil guys. The identities of the show’s bachelor contestants have been revealed and, it comes as no surprise, two are fresh-picked from the Canadian oil patch.

These two oil men will be among 20 bachelors vying to catch the eye and steal the heart of Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer in the Canadian reality romance. Though, It’s obvious that catching Jasmine’s eye will be no problem for these two.

One of these oilers has already earned the title “Canada’s Crush” for receiving the most online votes.

Entertainment Tonight Canada revealed the contestant’s first names. Tracking down the last names of these bonafide beefcakes took a little sleuthing. Let’s meet the oilers who hope to frack the heart of Bachelorette Jasmine.

Drumroll please!

Contestant #1 | Edward Horgan

He started out as a laborer in the Canadian oil patch – A lucrative and highly competitive position. Meet 32-year-old Edward Horgan from Saint John, New Brunswick. Horgan quickly rose from roughneck to the top of the oil ranks and now works in the head office as an oilfield logistics coordinator… (Brains AND brawn –  irresistible)

Edward Horgan, oilfield logistics coordinator and contestant on The Bachelorette Canada. Horgan was recently voted “Canada’s Crush.”


Horgan is known for his unwavering work ethic and positive attitude. His oil rig buddies call him by his nickname, Fast Eddie. Horgan says he works hard and plays hard.

The oilfield logistics coordinator divides his time between grueling stints on the rigs and serious party time on the ski slopes and beaches with his friends and family – as is obvious from pics on his Facebook page.

Horgan, known for his work ethic and positive personality, takes a break while on the job in the oil patch as a logistics coordinator.

Horgan’s assent to the top left him with little time to find lasting relationships and true love – Enter The Bachelorette Canada.

Tracking down information on the next contestant was a little more challenging.

Meet Contestant #2 | Taylor Shaw

The 6’3” oilfield equipment operator with a booming voice, good looks and confident air was a shoe-in for The Bachelorette Canada. His friends say he is “too pretty” for the oil patch, and belongs on screen. Shaw, 31,  is from Collingwood, Ontario.

In addition to Shaw’s amazing good looks, his sense of humor and endearing qualities helped to earn him a spot on the reality romance series. When asked by the show’s staff, “What makes you unique?” Shaw answered, “My mom tells me I’m special.” – sending the hearts of moms everywhere aflutter.

Taylor Shaw, an oilfield equipment operator, obviously cleans up well. Shaw is a contestant on The Bachelorette Canada.

A family man at heart, T-Shaw, as his friends know him,  lists his mom as his greatest hero for her resiliency and for putting the needs of her family first. Shaw says he is ready to build a family of his own and hopes Bachelorette Jasmine will prove to be the girl he can’t live without, say entertainment news reports.

Stay tuned! We’ll be watching these oilfield stunners and reporting on their progress as the season plays out.

The Bachelorette Canada premieres Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. on the Canadian W Network.

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