The answer is yes. There’s a lot of it.

In fact, that’s something that President-elect Donald Trump has promised to address–more access for big oil companies to drill on federal lands.

In the early days of Obama’s presidency, oil from federal lands made up about one-third of our nation’s production. That statistic has since decreased. Now oil from federal lands makes up about one-fifth of oil production in America, largely because President Obama signed off thousands of acres of federal land for protection from drilling.

Which national parks house a lot of oil, though? Some parks where drilling has been proposed include Arches National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Glen Canyon National Park, and Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

It really comes down to whether fracking is allowed.

For instance, in George Washington National Park in Virginia, over 177,000 acres were recently approved for fracking. State lands were also opened up for fracking recently in Pennsylvania so that oil companies could access the powerful Marcellus Shale.

If you take a trip across the country, you’ll find oil and gas wells in Colorado’s Arapaho National Forest.

The truth is there’s tons of drilling on federal and state lands–with many of our national parks housing countless oil wells. This is something President-elect Donald Trump will likely open up even more in the days, months, and years after he takes office.

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