Top Of The Food Chain. That, as a proud Bostonian, is pretty much all I’ve been able to text and say today. Maybe there’s been a little singing mixed in too. Mainly the verse from “12 Days Of Christmas” about “5 Golden Rings!” with a modification changing “Golden” to “Super Bowl”, the cadence isn’t perfect… but isn’t it?The only thing more exciting than reliving last

The only thing more exciting than reliving last night’s victory was prepping for tonight’s “Nightly”. T-Kizzle jump-started us in the AM with his critically acclaimed “Morning Surge” – I’m keeping things up as the sun goes down. So with the latest in the oil and gas biz, here we go:

Shell Reportedly Eyeing Exit From Danish Offshore JV

Royal Dutch Shell Plc is seeking to sell its stake in Denmark’s offshore oil and gas consortium for around $1 billion in what would mark the company’s effective exit from the country.

“Around $1 billion” you’d think with numbers this big there would be a little more, shall we say, “precision” in the details. If there are a few nagging millions floating around in the deal, I’d be happy to step in and find a home for them.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is said to be running the sale process. Shell said last week it is close to selling assets totaling $5 billion to cut debt following its $54 billion acquisition of BG Group a year ago.

The Anglo-Dutch company has sold around $12.5 billion in assets since mid-2015 as it tries to reach its target of $30 billion in disposals by 2018. It has said it plans to exit five to 10 countries in the process.

Last September, Shell agreed an $80 million sale of its remaining Danish downstream business, including its Fredericia refinery, to Denmark’s Dansk Olieselskab.

Seems like if there was a chalkboard in the Shell Locker room right now, one word would be written in all CAPS on it – SELL! You may find “Exxon Sucks” somewhere in the lower corner, but that’s a story for a different time.

Whelan To Succeed Cahir As Imperial SVP, Upstream

JR Whelan has been elevated to senior vice-president, upstream, at Imperial Oil Ltd., Calgary, effective March 1.

“Whelan, currently vice-president, production, succeeds BP Cahir, who has been appointed executive advisor to the chairman of ExxonMobil Corp,” according to

Apparently one must have initials for a name to get a leg up at Imperial Oil. Maybe O.J. could hook on as an intern there if he qualifies for the weekend furlough program. Nah, not sure that would work as “The Juice” doesn’t really feel like Imperial material.

Green Party Hints At Chevron ‘buying’ Support For GAB Drilling

According to, “Chevron has reportedly donated thousands of dollars to the Liberal and Labor parties in Australia, in an alleged move to get offshore drilling support, a move not much appreciated by the Green Party.”

“Responding to the reports on Monday, The Green Party says the “tens of thousands of dollars“ may have been used to “buy influence“ and get support for its drilling plans offshore Australia,” according to

Come on! This is a natural combination to me… Peanut Butter & Jelly, Frick & Frack, Pete & Repeat!… Now Chevron & The Arts sounds like a match made in heaven! I’m sure someone in “creative” at Chevron is ironing out the harmonies to “Drill Baby Drill” as we speak.

“Green Party’s Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will move an amendment to the government’s Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment Bill 2016, aiming to permanently ban drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight, which is listed for debate on Tuesday,” according to

The Federal Senate will vote on whether to ban drilling there on Tuesday.

Commenting on the reports on Chevron’s donations Green Party Senator for South Australia Hanson-Young said:

“The public is rightly worried that this money has bought Chevron influence in both the Liberal and Labor parties. If Labor and the Liberals want the public to believe they can’t be bought, supporting this amendment is the first test… These politicians should be protecting the Great Australian Bight and the thousands of South Australian fisheries and tourism jobs that rely on it, not their foreign corporate donors.’

Tranlastion: Senator Hanson-Young don’t play that!

Chevron responded: ”Chevron Australia participates in political party business forums on a bipartisan basis in States in which it operates. In South Australia, Chevron Australia is a member of Labor’s South Australia Progressive Business and the Liberal’s FutureSA. Membership fees are fully disclosed to electoral authorities.”

Translation: Chevron doesn’t care that Senator Hanson-Young don’t play that!

There we have it. The 1st Monday of the month is in the books. The 5thSuper Bowl trophy of the dynasty is on the plane. The Morning Surge is on deck, and all is right with the world… unless you’re a fan of The Atlanta Falcons, in which case you will always frown when you hear the words… TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN. Night Night.

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