I went to bed early last night so I’m just catching up… so I take it that Bonnie And Clyde are going to be in a reboot of Moonlighting filmed in LA LA Land? I hope Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd have cameos. Admit it, you were waiting for President Trump to tweet out something like: “The Oscars are a mess. Hollywood is out of touch. Sad.” Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer for that burst of wonder from the White House. Still, the drama at the Oscars is fun… but the latest in the world of oil & gas is truly what moves us. King Kong Kuegler got you going with his Morning Surge, now it’s my turn to take the baton and run with it. Here be the latest…

ExxonMobil Will Recruit In ‘Many Locations’ During 2017

A company spokesman told Rigzone:

“We can’t speak for the job market as a whole, but we plan our business over the long-term and ExxonMobil and its affiliates are recruiting in many locations.”

“Many locations”. This week on a very special “Vague Info”. According to their website these “many locations” include numerous countries around the world, including the UK, the US, and Papua New Guinea. Papa New Guinea? Not sure I buy that as an actual place. Sounds more like a sentence a child would ask his mother… “Mommy, did you say that Papa New Guinea?? And they immigrated here from Europe together?” But I don’t question Rigzone, ever. So I’ll trust it’s a real place.

Though the number of jobs looking to be filled is unclear, the range and scope of the type of worker they’re looking for appears to be vast. Believe me, I got my resume ready if they’re looking for a wise-cracking writer to ease tensions when drilling in the Permian Basin.

TAM International Appoints New Chairman

Independent oilfield services company TAM International, Inc. is moving L. Bentley Sanford into the role of chairman of the board. Sanford, the former president of TAM, has been with the company since 1982, and has more than 35 years experience in the oilfield services industry. TAM currently operates in more than 20 countries with over 300 employees.

I hope Sanford brings his son into the fold. I miss the show Sanford & Son and see this as a way to recapture a little bit of sunshine that 70’s classic comedy unleashed on us all. I believe that anyone who has an initial (L.) for a first name has the power to make this happen.

“This change will allow me to concentrate my efforts in strategic areas outside of the fundamental day-to-day operations of TAM,” said Sanford. If that doesn’t scream “Sanford & Son: The Next Generation,” I don’t know what does. I think I can get us a meeting at Spike TV once we get a treatment together, L. We’ll continue this discussion off-line to iron out the details. #YesI’mInsane

Dayton Administration Calls For Higher Requirement of Renewable Energy Usage

Minnesota’s Dayton administration is putting forward a bipartisan update to the Renewable Energy Standard which would require the state to get 50% of its energy from alternative energy sources such as wind and solar by the year 2030. The current standard/goal is 25% by 2025. Minnesota is already up to getting 21% of its energy from renewables. Lt. Gov Tina Smith said today that the proposed “50 by ’30” standard would enhance that success in addition to improving air quality, further bringing down the cost of renewable energy, and would generate thousands of new clean energy jobs.

I like this “50 by 30” thing. Makes me think ESPN should do one of theiin-depthth “30 for 30” documentaries on 50 by 30. Proposed names: “Minnesota Make-Over”, “Renewable Rising”, “Hard 8 Hopping”. Sorry the last one is another Vegas thought creeping into things.

Clean energy groups “Fresh Energy” and “Wind on the Wires” are on board with the “50 by 30” effort.

I hope this journey into the world of oil & gas has talked you off the “Oscar Ledge” so many have been standing on today with all of the “funny” memes and tweets coming out about the Best Picture flub. Don’t you wish this amount of attention could be paid to the starving children of the world, genocide in the world, or at least the new season of Bar Rescue? I know, I know… but you have to start small sometimes. And speaking of starting, look forward to starting your day with ATK and his Morning Surge tomorrow. Until then… night night.

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