T.G.I… if you don’t know the final letter there, you have more problems than a CNN reporter at a President Trump press conference. It’s Friday here at “Les Nightly” as they’re calling it in France… and that means one thing: More happening from the world of oil and gas, thought provoking remarks about that news, and an occasional New England Patriots/Tom Brady reference. Some of you may have noticed that’s 3 things. Again, this ain’t no math column. This here be a place where the Queen’s English is held in the highest regard, yo. But oil and gas is our bread & butter. So let’s bring it.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Signs 4 Bills Aimed At North Dakota Pipeline Protesters

Hmm. Last time I heard the number “4” and the word “Bills” it had to do with a football team from Buffalo ruining Super Bowls. #SorryScottNorwood.

In this case, it has to do with the Governor from North Dakota signing legislation addressing the tension/confrontations between Dakota Access pipeline protesters and law enforcement. One bill measure makes it a misdemeanor for someone to wear a mask/hood in the process of committing a crime. A second bill increases the penalties for rioting, a third enables police to issue higher fines for trespassing, the fourth expands the attorney general’s power to use outside law enforcement officers to help North Dakota forces.

Fun times in North Dakota! Let’s hope this works out better for both sides than it did for The Buffalo Bills in the early 90’s.

Nevada Company Fined For Incidents In Gulf Of Mexico

The Justice Deptartment has announced that Oil Service Company Wood Group PSN, a Nevada corporation whose headquarters are in Houston, will fork over $7 million in damages due to accusations that for several years, the Wood Group falsely reported that employees had performed safety inspections on offshore oil facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. False reports of safety inspections? That doesn’t sound very safe, people!

Feels like this is strike 2 for Wood Group as they had to pay $1.8 million for its role in a 2012 oil platform explosion that killed three Filipino welders.

One more misstep for The Wood Group and it could be a “7-out” for the troubled Nevada-based oil service. When I get to Vegas in April I’ll look into this further for us. And by “look into it further” I mean, I’ll see if anyone brings it up at the craps table I’m rolling at.

Trump Pledges ‘bold action’ On US Energy

Today, President Trump said his administration is readying to expand US oil, natural gas, and coal production. That “clink” you just heard was the champagne glasses in the boardrooms at ExxonMobil, Shell, etc.

“We’re preparing bold action to lift the restrictions on American energy,” Trump said during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Trump echoed his previous commitment to amp up fossil fuel production and ease regulations.

Love or hate Trump, he isn’t afraid to shake things up. I hope that during his third term he can bring the country together. (I know he can only serve two terms, I’m just making sure you’re paying attention…)

After Friday’s speech, Trump penned an executive order that requires federal agencies to set up “regulatory reform” task forces to “evaluate existing regulations and identify candidates for repeal or modification.”

We made it! We’re thru another week and we’re stronger, smarter, and more hopeful than ever! Sorry, that was for my speech tomorrow morning at the national waffle convention. (Don’t ask, it’s a bizarre crowd.)

Here’s to a great weekend for all. ATK will see you bright and early on Monday with his Morning Surge. If there’s a better way to start a week, I haven’t seen it yet. And I don’t think I ever will. Until then friends… night night.

About The Author Doug Krintzman

Doug Krintzman is a Key Art and Golden Trailer Award winning copywriter in the motion picture advertising industry. He’s helped re-launch Fuel TV and their new UFC content brand as writer/producer for the networks on air promo department. In addition to selling a comedy pitch to Columbia Pictures, he’s titled the films "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle", and “Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl”. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Doug is an avid Boston sports fan, movie connoisseur, blues buff, and political junkie. Known for his quick wit, sharp comic sense and timing, Doug Krintzman offers a fresh take and brings unique and original thought to any and all topics.