Wednesday at The Surge. Mid-week. The center of the grind. The heartland of the hoopla. Ground zero of everything that is oil & gas and all that is the latest with Milo Yiannopoulos. Correction, unless Milo Yiannopoulos becomes the next CEO of ExxonMobil we shan’t mention his name again. Twice is already three times too many. But this isn’t where you come for nonsensical math. This is where you go for the latest in the oil & gas biz. So as GOAT Tom Brady would say: “Let’s Go!”

Emails Show New EPA Head Scott Pruitt Had Close Ties To Fossil Fuel Industry

Somewhere Hillary Clinton is thinking, “Thank God someone else is catching grief about their emails!… What happened in Michigan again?” That second part is a cheap shot and The Program here at The Nightly is above that… no, we’re not.

According to Nick Surgey, research director for the Center for Media and Democracy, the emails affirm the fears of those who think Pruitt will be influenced by his “friends” in the oil & gas biz, saying:

“The newly released emails reveal a close and friendly relationship between Scott Pruitt’s office and the fossil fuel industry, with frequent meetings, calls, dinners and other events.”

The emails also show that Pruitt was in touch with groups, which had previously received backing from billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch. AKA, The Koch Brothers.

Uh-oh. The Koch Brothers. Never have 3 words infuriated one side and been celebrated by another with such vigor. Me, I’ve never met the Koch Brothers, so I’ll trust that our new head of the EPA will do the best job he can without being influenced by connections from his past… if the Koch Brothers tell him to… #WeMakeJokes

Zhenhua Oil In Early Accord To Buy Chevron’s $2 Billion Gas Assets In Bangladesh

I’ve heard of the “Concert for Bangladesh”, how about the cashola in Bangladesh?!

According to, Zhenhua Oil, a small oil and gas exporter out of China, has signed a preliminary agreement to buy Chevron’s natural gas fields in Bangladesh which are said to be worth about $2 billion.

Gotta love “small oil and gas exporters” forking over 2-bil for assets. I’d love to spend a weekend in Vegas with the board members of Zhenhua. “Give me 30 grand on the hard 8 hoppin’!” Yes, I’m going to Nevada in April so it’s always on my mind… #HotDice

The Zhenhua purchase which was signed in January is looking to be finalized by June.

Dakota Pipeline Camp Deadline Passes Without Arrests

Authorities in North Dakota say negotiations are continuing with the last people left at the camp, where people are protesting the Dakota Access pipeline, over how to perform ceremonial arrests.

Highway Patrol Lt. Tom Iverson says authorities didn’t plan to negotiate after 4 p.m. but he said authorities aren’t necessarily going to go in after that time to make arrests.

Many of the protesters left the camp this morning, but those remaining put barbed wire across a camp entrance. Some of the remaining protesters at the Dakota Access oil pipeline camp have set fire to a building that was serving as the main entrance to the area.

Setting fires. Really? Might be time to put a fork in this protest if that’s what it’s come down to. I’m all for “keeping warm” in the cold, but let’s save the blazers for Portland. Been wanting to work in an NBA reference for days! Mission accomplished.

There it be. The Nightly is in the books… of which there are no books. Tomorrow is a new day, starting with a new dawn, but more importantly a new Morning Surge with The Amazing TK… “ATK” for those of us around The Admiral’s Club. So until the sun goes down… night night.

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