“Unhinged.” This seems to be the word of the moment. After the end of the President’s press conference today, people said either he is unhinged, or the media is unhinged. All I know is that I want to be unhinged. Seems like it would be gratifying… exhilarating… liberating. But I keep it together in the name of truth and justice, peace and honor… oil and gas. If TK and The Morning Surge can stay strong… so can I. I must. We must. With all that’s uncertain in the world, you know your mornings and nights are safe. We do it for all of us. Awwww “us”. Let’s get into it… the latest news in oil & gas.

Study Shows Cybersecurity Readiness Gaps In U.S. Oil & Gas Industry

According to The Ponemon Institute, an independent data protection and information security company, only 35% of the industry’s operational technology (OT) cyber readiness are keeping pace with the growth of digitalization in oil and gas operations. Out of the 377 individuals surveyed in The U.S. who head up securing or overseeing cyber risk in the OT environment, Ponemon found that 68% said their operations have had at least one security compromise in the past year, resulting in the loss of confidential information or OT disruption.

Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of Ponemon Institute, said:

“Cyber attacks in the oil and gas industry can have potentially devastating consequences for the economy and national security… We hope the findings of this research create a sense of urgency to make the appropriate investments in people, process, and technologies to improve the industry’s cyber readiness.”

I’m sure I’m like you in thinking – “What the hell is Pokemon doing getting involved in the world of oil & gas?!” I respect their influence in the world of video games and pop culture but to comment on the cyber security of… wait. Oh… Ponemon. Not Pokemon. Time for that argument to Go.

ExxonMobil Singapore To Expand

In the latest in a series of recent investment base stock production, ExxonMobil announced today the expansion of its Singapore refinery to aid in the production of the company’s EHC™ Group II base stocks. The goal is to fortify the global supply of these products and expand the competitiveness of its Singapore facility. Construction is hoping to start in the second quarter of 2017 with a completion targeted for 2019.

Ted Walko, ExxonMobil’s global basestock and specialties marketing manager said:

“Our new investment in Group II base stocks will enable our customers to blend lubricants that satisfy more stringent specifications, help reduce emissions, and improve fuel economy and low-temperature performance… This project, combined with the company’s construction of a hydrocracker unit currently under way in Rotterdam, demonstrates ExxonMobil’s commitment to delivering value to our customers through industry-leading, globally consistent base stock quality and supply reliability.”

Who cares where Waldo is?! We know where Walco stands! Further, I’m a fan of these Group II base things… Or as I refer to them “2nd base”. I’ve been a fan of second base ever since I was a young teenager at the beach and this bikini wearing–… but I’m feeling that’s probably a story for another time and site. #StandWithDecency

ExxonMobil is also working on another project at the Singapore refinery, a cogeneration venture which plans to improve the facility’s efficiency and reduce emissions. This one is expected to be done by the end of 2017. #StandWithBoringLastParagraphs

Egypt Plans For Self-Sufficiency In Gas Production In The Next 2 Years

Anyone else wondering what was going down at the 2017 version of the Egypt Petroleum Show? Me too. Riding the theme of “Gateway to Egypt’s New Oil and Gas Opportunities” Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla said that Egypt is looking to attain self-sufficiency in gas production within the next two years under the programs recently implemented by the government as part of its attempts to pursue reforms and continue development.

Need to tighten up that “theme”, El-Mo. How about “Gateway To A New Gas Groove”? You know, hip it up for the next generation of oil sheiks who are only in gold-plated sandboxes at the moment.

It appears El Molla is more focused on the message stating:

“EGYPS 2017 will shed the light on Egypt’s modernization program for oil and gas sector, which aims at enhancing production capacity, encouraging young professionals to develop their careers, and reforming the ministry’s framework.”

Feels like he should just break it down like – “You saw what we did with the pyramids? Check out how we roll with oil.” Then drop the mic and announce “The Petro Show is finito!” Yes, it would be cool to throw some Spanish in there.

How can you top a “finito!” ending? Seems hard to close after the finish? Would be like working at The Department of Redundancy Department. But every day is new and exciting here at The Nightly as well as in The Morning Surge with T-Kool. (Use that as a rap name starting now, Kuegler!) See you tomorrow evening my good people. Until then, night night.

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