Cupid draw back your bow, and let your arrow go… straight to… The oil & gas industry. Feels like the biz could use a little love, huh? We bring up “love” of course because it is after all… Flag Day.

No it’s Valentine’s Day! Just want to make sure you’re on your toes. Everyone seems to have feelings one way or the other about Valentine’s Day. Some embrace it, others despise it, a few celebrate it by dressing up as wolverines, putting on capes, standing on bridges, and whipping chocolate darts at strangers. I try to stay away from that last group as often as I can. Anyway, seems like The Master of The Morning Surge, King Kong Kuegler needs a pick me up that only oil & gas can provide, so what say we put our heart into this one and let‘er rip?! (See what we did there with the “heart” tie in?? Oh how we try…)

There Are Economic Benefits Of Low Oil & Gas Prices

Let’s run the “glass is half full” routine to kick things off. The lower than desired prices in the oil & gas biz are helping to create new enterprises, new businesses, and new jobs. You may be asking, “But how the hell is that happening!?” Calm down. Don’t take your “I’m alone on Valentine’s Day!” frustrations out on me! Here are some examples…

From ExxonMobil: “The huge supply of domestic shale gas paved the way for expansion plans. A new Beaumont polyethylene facility will add billions in investment (production facilities) and thousands of jobs.”

From Bloomberg: “The new LNG export facilities will allow the US to benefit from higher natural gas prices overseas.”

From IHS: “Their study for the National Association of Manufacturers concluded that the benefits of lower energy and natural gas prices directly lead to an increase in employment and productivity.”

The U.S. has now also become a net exporter of natural gas. After years and years of dependence on imports, this and all the news above are, like that 1980’s Tom Hanks movie… Big.

Oil Is Stronger, But Singapore Banks Not In The Clear

Oil prices around the world may be on the rise, but this hasn’t yet had the impact Singapore banks had hoped for in terms of its effect on the offshore marine sector. Consequently, don’t look for Singapore’s three biggest banks to be “making it rain” anytime soon. I guess these banks in Singapore won’t be Singa-rich. #LongWayToGoForAPlayOnWords

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC), DBS Group Holdings and United Overseas Bank (UOB) are all expected to release their fourth-quarter earnings this week.

Eugene Tarzimanov, senior credit officer at Moody’s Investors Service had this to say to the predicted earnings report:

“The deterioration in the oil and gas books means that the banks will require more specific provisions, but the impact on their profit and loss statement will not be severe as they will continue to utilize existing general provisions. This might bring down their NPL coverage level to slightly below 100 per cent – a still healthy level.”

If I were smart, I’d comment on that. But I’m still upset with myself about the Singapore/Singa-rich thing and don’t have the brainpower to deal with both.

Trump Signs Bill Repealing The Rule For Oil & Gas Companies To Disclose Payments

Part of the famed/infamous (depending on your lens) is no more today, as President Trump signed legislation taking away the requirement of oil & gas companies to disclose payments to the U.S. or foreign governments for commercial development.

Trump views the move as part of his attempt to bring back jobs “big league.”

Trump said:

“We’re bringing them back at the plant level. We’re bringing them back at the mine level. The energy jobs are coming back.”

He’ll also have to bring a job back at the National Security level, right General Flynn? It’s an either shady or genius move by The President to sign this controversial legislation today when the country in completely focused on the resignation of his National Security Advisor. Say what you want about the first few weeks of “Trump-World”, but it ain’t been boring.

That’s a wrap. The sun has set and all you love birds out there are cozying up to that special someone by the fire, in the bed, or thru the prison visiting room glass. They’re all magical places. Maybe some of you are alone and sad, some are alone and thrilled. Either way, the members of The Program here at The Nightly hold you all dear to our hearts. This love don’t cost a thing… but if you feel like Fed-Ex’ing us some cash or stock options, we check the mail every day. But this day is done. Tomorrow will be another adventure in oil & gas. Until then, night night.

About The Author Doug Krintzman

Doug Krintzman is a Key Art and Golden Trailer Award winning copywriter in the motion picture advertising industry. He’s helped re-launch Fuel TV and their new UFC content brand as writer/producer for the networks on air promo department. In addition to selling a comedy pitch to Columbia Pictures, he’s titled the films "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle", and “Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl”. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Doug is an avid Boston sports fan, movie connoisseur, blues buff, and political junkie. Known for his quick wit, sharp comic sense and timing, Doug Krintzman offers a fresh take and brings unique and original thought to any and all topics.