Monday the 13th or Friday the 13th? I can’t decide which sounds more ominous. All I know is that they both sound a heck of a lot scarier than Tuesday the 12th. Whenever Tuesday the 12th comes around, you’ll see me very at ease. How’s that for a “what the hell is he talking about!?” opening?

It’s Monday and I’m a slow starter unless it’s the opening stages? Huh? Exactly. That’s why thankfully “T-Kettle” is in control of The Morning Surge. If I was, it would look like the last name of the Atlanta Falcons owner… wait or it…. “Blank”. But I do The Nightly… so with that said – here be the latest in Oil & Gas.

Are Oil & Gas Pipelines As Safe As The Industry Says?

Not according to The Louisiana Bucket Brigade and They’ve just put out an analysis last week that takes aim at pipelines and other facilities operated by Energy Transfer Partners and its Sunoco subsidiary. This company operates 71,000 miles of pipelines across the country. The reports examine all of the spills reported by the companies in 2015 and 2016. There were 69 spills (a 3 per month average). Thirty-five of the spills were pipeline related. The pipeline spills were responsible for releasing the most pollution into the environment –over 111,000 gallons – compared to just 2 gallons from other mobile sources.

Ouch. I guess it’s not a great time to print up those “I’m Hyped For The Pipe” t-shirts. Hopefully, this means extra money will be spent on ensuring that these pipelines are safe… or maybe the money will go toward “silencing” people that release papers documenting findings that say the pipelines are unsafe. Either way, it’s good for jobs, right??

Oklahoma… Gone With The Wind?

Where else are you going to find plays and movies all tied into one headline? (Maybe at some member of the Writers Guild’s house… but besides that!?)

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin wants to put an end to tax credits for the wind industry.

EcoWatch reports:

“The budget proposes a .5 cent per kilowatt-hour on wind energy—five times the wind tax in Wyoming, which along with South Dakota are the only states that tax wind energy—and accelerates the end of a tax credit, currently set to expire in 2021.”

Around 17% of Oklahoma’s electricity is currently powered by wind.

Opponents of the idea think this would severely hinder the cost effectiveness of renewable wind energy and hence help the fossil fuel industry.

Fair to say that when it comes to energy policy in Oklahoma, there something’s in the air…Is the answer blowing in the wind? The solution won’t be a breeze. I could go all day with little cliché quips that will make you want to whack me in the neck with a 2 by 4. But I will stop… because that would blow. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

This does feel like a new battle is brewing… getting the wind off of the government tax credit list would be a major shift in policy. It will be interesting to see how this one will be sorted out fairly… in the back rooms filled with lobbyists and briefcases of cash.

Tight Oil Predicted To Be Source Of Most Of U.S. Oil Production Increase Through 2040

The Annual Energy Outlook 2017 is saying that U.S. tight oil production will go up to over 6 million barrels a day in the next 10 years – making up a dominant amount of total U.S oil production.

U.S. production of tight oil has seen a dramatic rise since 2010, due to technological improvements that have greatly lowered the costs of drilling in major shale areas such as the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and the Permian Basin. Production from tight oil surpassed 50% of total U.S. oil production in 2015 when barrel numbers were at a little under 5 million per day.

This news takes “keeping it tight” to a whole new level. I like referring to shale oil as tight oil. Sounds cooler. Kind of like calling money, ducats, or instead of saying “hello” throwing a “Que pasa?!” at someone. If tight oil was disco, it feels like this is 1977 and all is right with the world. Let’s hope there’s no “tight oil demolition night” at a baseball park to turn the tide. Know what I mean? You don’t? Look it up and learn! The Nightly aims to work your brain, not hold your hand!

There we are. Through another Monday. It’s only a matter of hours until all those Valentines out there are forcing a night at a forced restaurant, with forced smiles, forced kisses, and forced moonlight. But for all those who are looking forward to the prospect of Valentine’s Day… may the force be with you! Until then, I leave you in the steady hands of ATK to get you ready for the festivities… Sleep well/night night.

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