As Barry Manilow, (or as my mother will sometimes call him “Barely Man Enough”) once said, “Looks like we made it!” Yes, Friday is here and we have yet to be wiped off the face of the earth… though the day is still young. What a week, huh? Super Bowl comebacks, Super Bowl parades, court rulings, senate confirmations, divisive tweets, Nordstom nonsense, a flipping of the bird to a California Pizza Kitchen in Marina Del Rey. The last one is more of a personal part of our journey together, but you get the idea. There’s a lot going on… but it all lacks in importance to what’s shakin’ in the oil and gas biz. So without further ado… here’s what we do.

Leaked Memo Sees Oil And Gas Sector As Low Priority For Brexit has picked up on news of a leaked government document that is said to be putting the future of the steel and oil & gas sectors in a “low priority” position during Brexit negotiations.

First of all, we in The Program at “The Nightly” loved leaked documents. Second of all, we love leaked documents. Expose the secrets! Reveal the truth! Shred the evidence! It’s all part of the broader theme of embracing the idea of backroom deals and briefcases filled with cash. #Tingles

As opposed to putting oil and gas first, the government is looking to pay more attention to; pharmaceuticals, car making, textiles and clothing, aerospace and air transport industries.

The Scottish National Party is not happy with the government putting the oil and gas industry at such a low priority. SNP energy spokesperson and MP Callum McCaig said:

“To give the oil and gas sector a low priority is a real betrayal… There is no need to prioritize some industries over others – last year the CBI produced a major report on the Brexit challenges facing several sectors which avoided any prioritization of one over another.”

Cal-Mac ain’t happy. I’m with you, brother. If you’re reading this, I’ll text you later. #DontHaveHisNumber

Lawmaker Says Prosecutor Acting For Oil Industry

During a Friday debate on Colorado state senate floor, Democratic state lawmaker/Senator Matt Jones claimed that Republican Attorney General Cynthia Coffman was acting “at the behest of oil and gas companies” when she threatened to sue Boulder County over its moratorium on oil and gas drilling.

Looks like reaching across the aisle in the name of progress may be on the rocks in boulder. Sorry. I can’t resist the rocks/boulder jokes. #NotMadeOfStone

What does Attorney General Coffman have to say in response!? Nada. She’s declined to respond. Her spokeswoman Annie Skinner said Coffman had no comment.

You need a spokeswoman to say “no comment”?? I feel like there’s an oxymoron in there somewhere… or maybe it’s just a moron. #Zinger

Skinner also didn’t say whether Coffman had spoken with anyone in the energy industry before making her threat to Boulder County.

Not sure being the “strong and silent type” approach is going to work on this one C-Coff. At least do what a responsible leader of today would do and fire off a tweet.

Colorado’s Oil And Gas Industry Making A U-turn

Couldn’t think of a better follow-up to the last bit of news than this bit of news. Interesting to say the least.

The Colorado State oil and gas industry is on the rise. After the recent OPEC cuts in production, oil prices are suddenly high enough for the state’s oil producers to have the confidence to get more oil rigs going. Colorado now has 26 drilling rigs working in the state, up from15 rigs working in May.

Erica Bowman, chief economist with the American Petroleum Institute, during a visit to Denver on Wednesday said:

“Oil prices, which rose after recent OPEC production cuts, are now high enough to motivate producers to put more rigs to work, which should translate into more domestic production.”

“A lot of how Colorado fits into the broader national picture will depend on state policies,” she failed to say – “And can I get a woot-woot! For Attorney General Cynthia Coffman!” Though I imagine that would be poor form… especially in Denver. #PatriotsFan.

And scene! Friday’s in the books… or off the books, depending on how shady your plans are for the weekend. Only 2 days until ATK (Amazing Tommy Kuegler) kicks off your Monday with his hot cup of Joe also known as The Morning Surge. Until then all… night night.

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