Propelling an aircraft into the earth’s atmosphere is no easy task at all. As it barrels down the runway at 160 miles per hour, a typical Boeing 747 burns about 5,633 to 5,772 pounds of jet fuel just during takeoff alone.

Typically a gallon of gas weighs 6.5 pounds, with the typical SUV able to carry about 25-27 gallons. Let’s put this in perspective. The average car, when full, contains about 110 pounds of gasoline, so it takes roughly 50 times more fuel to get a plane off the ground than it does to fill up your gas tank.

That number is simply mind-boggling.

Roughly 105,000 commercial planes take off every single day, so on a bigger scale, the amount of jet fuel that we’re burning is astronomical.

Now, keep in mind that jet fuel has different properties than gasoline. It’s actually quite similar to diesel and is one of the least-processed products coming from a refinery.

As a whole, airline companies spend about 40 percent of their operating costs on fuel, which is about five times more expensive today than it was in 1990.

Now, a typical Boeing 747 burns about 5,500 pounds of fuel during takeoff, but they carry with them 422,000 pounds of jet fuel. It just goes to show how much fuel we use every single day to board planes and travel the world in only a couple of hours.

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