Well, we’re nearly through February and yet another week of winter. The only problem is, it doesn’t feel like winter here in the Northeast at all. New York City will see 64-degree weather on Friday, while Boston will see temperatures above 60 tomorrow.

All I’m doing is crossing my fingers hoping that sub-40 temperatures won’t come back.

It’s probably not going to happen, *Sigh.* Okay, enough about winter and weather and how much it sucks, let’s dive into what you’re here for.

Ted Cruz: Eight years of hostility toward oil and gas are over

MRT sat down with Ted Cruz during his visit to Midland, Texas, and he assured everyone that the eight years of the Obama administration’s hostility toward the oil and gas industry are over.

“With the Trump administration, we now have leaders in Washington who are not zealots trying to kill jobs, but rather will work to create an environment where we can explore and develop our nation’s God-given resources where we can see energy driving millions of new jobs and raising wages across this country,” he continued.

He also talked a bit about his stance on eliminating subsidies for the oil and gas industry. He thinks that we should pursue using our own oil and gas resources, but without government mandates. This provides a level playing field for everyone in his mind.

Digital Security Problems For Oil And Gas Industry?

The industry has enjoyed a recent uptick in digitization, however, two-thirds of risk managers are concerned there’s a higher threat to cyber security because of it.

Automation World reports that two-thirds of the respondents from the Ponemon Institute said cyber risks due to digitization has significantly increased.

Judy Marks, CEO of Siemens USA, had some choice words for the results of the study.

“We are alarmed and concerned when we have almost 70 percent of oil and gas companies basically admitting that they were hacked in the past year,” she said.

“Cyber attacks in the oil and gas industry can have potentially devastating consequences for the economy and national security,” says chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, Larry Ponemon. “We hope the findings of this research create a sense of urgency to make the appropriate investments in people, process, and technologies to improve the industry’s cyber readiness.”

Teens Challenging Colorado Regulators On Fracking and Climate Change

West Word reports that yesterday afternoon in the Colorado Court of Appeals, two generations clashed on the future of fracking and the oil and gas industry in Colorado.

Six young plaintiffs argued that the state should be doing a lot more to curb fracking and protect the next generation. Recently Denver District Court Judge Eric Elliff ruled that the COGCC is required to “strike a balance” between oil and gas development and the protection of public health.

Attorneys for six underage plaintiffs argued yesterday about the importance of the state’s oil and gas regulators to do more.

In their appeal brief, the Earth Guardians attorneys stated:

“These Plaintiffs are too young to vote, yet they are the next generation, and the Colorado that they [inherit] should not be a Colorado irreversibly degraded due to unchecked oil and gas development.”

This is a battle that will for sure extend into the future and determine the role of the oil and gas industry in Colorado.

Well, that’s it for me at The Morning Surge. Doug Krintzman’s coming later with The Nightly Surge, so if you’re paranoid about missing any oil and gas news (we know you are), he has you covered. See you tomorrow!

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