Happy President’s Day everybody! Today we actually celebrate George Washington’s birthday, even though he was technically born on February 22. That’s because we just take the third Monday in February and celebrate his birthday then.

Bet you didn’t know that, huh!

So forget about President Trump for the day and let’s just focus on George Washington and the baller that he was. You can also focus on this article and a few of the oil and gas headlines from the weekend–if you want.

Here they are.

Could Houston Rely On Solar More Than Oil and Gas?

Houstonia recently wrote a moving piece about a couple with 15,000 solar panels on their 12-acre land. It’s an interesting topic, especially when considering that .7 percent of the 72,000 megawatts of power shooting through the state’s grid are from solar panels.

Only 2,000 homes in Houston have solar panels, which is a waste considering it has 200 sunny days per year. Their farm of 15,000 solar panels powers 300 area homes, and customers have to sign up with the Woodlands-based MP2 Energy to access their power.

“It’s our job to make sure that when people do sign up,” Joey, one of the solar farmers said, “they have 40 panels that are out here working for them.”

They say that if the economy proves it’s a worthy investment, Houston could see more solar farms around the area. Despite this progress, however, oil and gas will still reign for many years to come.

U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis Tells Iraq: We’re Not Here For Your Oil

Reuters reports that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said, “We’re not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil.” He arrived in Baghdad this morning on his first trip as Pentagon chief, and hopes to take a look at the war effort of U.S.-backed Iraqi forces.

Mattis also seems to be looking at providing exemptions for any Iraqis who served with U.S. troops from Trump’s travel ban–even translators.

“Right now [I] am assured that we will take steps to allow those who have fought alongside us, for example, to be allowed into the United States,” Mattis said.

Scotland Is A Decade Behind On Oil and Gas Decommissioning

Energy Voice reports that Scotland is a decade behind on decommissioning platforms in the North Sea, and they’re losing out on millions of dollars because of it.

In fact, two decommissioning projects were recently handed to Norwegian yards because of the slow progress.

“It’s not as if this could go unrecognised. Government understood this was happening and yet not a single job or penny earned from Miller’s decommissioning will go back into our economy – that’s a scandal,” said Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Secretary.

Because Scotland wasn’t on the ball, contracts to decommission old platforms keep getting handed to foreign countries. Apparently, it’s a blossoming £40 billion industry.

That’s it from me at The Morning Surge. Catch Doug Krintzman’s Nightly Surge tonight to get all the oil and gas headlines that break throughout the day today!

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