Time to get my Valentine’s Day chocolate for half off! Good morning all you lovebirds out there! From this day forth when you post about your significant other on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll actually mean it! Which is good, no?

It’s a harmless joke; I’m single and bitter.

But in all seriousness, my bank account has never looked so healthy. Anyway, it’s a new day in oil and gas. Let’s get right down to the biggest news of the last 12 hours.

Colorado AG Clashes With Boulder County Over Oil and Gas Ban

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is raising cain about a Boulder County oil and gas ban that’s been in place for five years.

The Denver Post reports that Boulder County officials think a lawsuit is a waste of time and money. They hope to have regulations in place in a month or so.

The ban was originally implemented in 2012 by Boulder County’s three elected commissioners. It’s been renewed eight times.

“I suppose I could ignore the fact that a local community is violating state law,” Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said, “but I don’t think that’s a wise thing for me to do as attorney general.”

“We are prepared to defend our right to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of our constituents,” Boulder County said in a statement. “Boulder County understands its legal constraints on adopting local bans and lengthy moratoria; however, the current moratorium is of a materially shorter duration and is consistent with Colorado law.”

Governors Urge Trump Not To Turn Back On Solar and Wind

Bloomberg reports that Governors are urging Trump not to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement, saying that trillions of dollars in investments hang in the balance.

The Governors Wind and Solar Energy Coalition sent a letter to the White House on Monday, urging President Trump to fund clean energy research and modernize local power grids.

“The nation’s wind and solar energy resources are transforming low-income rural areas in ways not seen since the passage of the Homestead Act over 150 years ago,” Kansas Republican Sam Brownback and Rhode Island Democrat Gina Raimondo wrote in the letter.

Trump’s America First energy plan calls for increasing coal, oil, and natural gas production, without so much as a word about renewable energy.

Noble Energy Set To Double Capital Spending in 2017

Noble Energy Inc. in Houston is set to double capital expenditures for 2017 to $2.3 billion. Most of its operations are focused on onshore development in the DJ Basin.

“We will continue to concentrate on long laterals and pad drilling, enhanced completions with higher proppant loadings and tighter stage and cluster spacing, as well as integrated facility design,” commented David L. Stover, CEO of Noble.

This isn’t the first news I’ve heard of an oil and gas company looking to spend more in 2017. We’re done with The Morning Surge but you’ve only gotten through half of your current events for the day. Make sure to check back in the evening for Doug Krintzman’s Nightly Surge. Now, it’s time to go buy some discount chocolate!

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