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This entry is from Jim Proctor’s story Oil Field Labor Study: Another Lost Generation Of Oilfield Talent?

  • Oil rigs are sitting all alone right now waiting for some work…but who will work on them when the time comes?
  • Companies held on to talent as long as they could since this whole downturn began in 2014 but ultimately, they had to say goodbye. So, industry workers have moved on — some to other industries, some to alcohol.
  • Is history repeating itself? We already had a huge generation gap because of what happened in the 80s (I’m looking at you, Madonna). Is it happening again?
  • These consultants from Newhouse plus the Psych department at University of Houston are looking into it. They will help predict what the hordes of HR directors and recruiters will need to know when the stampede starts.
  • Oh yeah, and when everything kicks in again, we’ll need a whole new set of skills to match up with the ever-evolving technology.
  • Want to help them gather data? Volunteer yourself for the study.

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