We always want to know the limits of everything, don’t we? We want to know what the tallest building is, or the most populated city, or who made the largest cheese pizza.

Seriously though, the largest cheese pizza was 122 feet in diameter.

While we at The Surge love a good random fact, we’re more in tune with wanting to know things like, what’s the world’s largest pipeline?

The answer is staggering.

The world’s largest pipeline, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, measures 2,353 miles, or 3,787km, spanning the North American continent from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Chicago and Montreal.

For perspective, Edmonton is right in the middle of Canada, way up there in the Northern Hemisphere. The pipeline itself transports 1.6 million barrels a day and has 82 pumping stations along the way.

Now, Guinness lists this pipeline as the longest crude oil pipeline, however there are a few others out there that appear to be longer. The West-East Pipeline starts in Xinjiang, China and ends in Shanghai. It spans 5,410 miles.

There’s also a pipeline in Brazil that spans 3,100 miles, starting in Mato Grosso do Sul and ending in Maranhão. It’s called the GASUN Pipeline.

We don’t know the criteria that Guinness uses to find these answers, however both of these pipelines are absolutely enormous. Now you have something interesting to tell your friends!

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