Alex Epstein (@AlexEpstein) makes his case for why fossil fuels are a better bet for humanity than renewable energy. He is the author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • What is the Standard of Value, and why is it so important?
  • We examine the argument between maximizing human flourishing vs. minimizing human impact on the planet.
  • What is full-context thinking?
  • When you pick one side of an argument, are you following the two basic rules of thinking?
  • Persuasion via reframing.
  • And so much more…

Jordan says: “A lot of people have said, ‘Can you believe this book — The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein — even exists?’ And it’s funny, because I saw Alex protesting in Times Square about fossil fuels. I’ve seen him in different videos debating about fossil fuels. And finally, I decided…screw it. I’m going to read this book that argues that we should use more fossil fuels.”

“His argumentation style is very persuasive and compelling when you look at each individual argument. So this appeals to the lawyer geek in me.”

Alex joins the show to make his case for why humanity should be usingmore fossil fuels instead of the scientific community’s consensus that we should be using fewer. If you’ve already made up your mind about where you stand on climate change and the pursuit of sustainable, renewable energy, buckle up, because this is bound to be a controversial episode. If you find yourself having an emotional reaction to this, that’s the point. Put it aside. This isn’t really about fossil fuels — it’s about critical thinking. First and foremost: we hope you enjoy the show!

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SOURCE: The Art of Charm

About The Author Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein, founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, is a humanist philosopher who seeks to identify the full context of industrial and environmental controversies. His New York Times bestseller The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels has been widely praised as the most persuasive argument ever made against climate catastrophism, and led The McLaughlin Group to name Epstein the most original thinker of 2014.