It’s a smack down between Ben Mankiewicz, host of The Young Turks and Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels.

jolted: PREDJUDICE ON BIG OILIn this episode, they face off on whether the energy industry is a high technology business that powers our lives or a dirty industrial business that pollutes the world.

Jolted: Technology is the modification of nature to suite human purposesThe two provocateurs also discuss whether we are addicted to hell narratives – that the world is coming to an end, the planet is melting and where the truth lies… and does digital technology that we embrace actually pollute the planet more than we think?

Do we live like cave men again or is there another solution… next on JOLTED!

About The Author Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein, founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, is a humanist philosopher who seeks to identify the full context of industrial and environmental controversies. His New York Times bestseller The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels has been widely praised as the most persuasive argument ever made against climate catastrophism, and led The McLaughlin Group to name Epstein the most original thinker of 2014.