By Robert Bradley Jr. — May 23, 2016

“Our politicians should be seizing all eight of these opportunities. Instead, they are squandering them.”

Alex Epstein, who has emerged as perhaps the most important energy voice of 2016, has said:

“The 2016 election presents us with a once-in-a-lifetime energy opportunity–and energy danger. There is no middle ground. There can be no more standing down. It’s time to stand up.”

Back in January, Epstein, published an energy manifesto for this election year. In case you missed it, here are his eight policy areas with prescriptions.

1. Jump-start the American economy

Our challenge: We have been mired in recession or near-recession for a decade—and without the energy industry it would be much, much worse.

Our opportunity: The same industry that has kept us out of desperate trouble can bring us to new heights, by producing and selling energy around the world.

2. Create millions of well-paying job opportunities

Our challenge: It is difficult for many Americans to find jobs, in large part thanks to onerous restrictions on industry, which have shut down many companies.

Our opportunity: A ramp-up in the U.S. energy industry would create millions of productive, well-paying jobs.

3. Lower your cost of living

Our challenge: The U.S. cost of living has been going up for decades, and when the prices of energy goes up, transportation, heating, and electric bills place a large burden on American business.

Our opportunity: Energy affordability can lower the cost of our direct energy bills, saving thousands of dollars a year—and, because energy is part of every industry, it can lower the cost of everything we buy and do.


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