TheFrackingGuyIf you noticed the fall in price of gasoline earlier this year, you should also be excited about hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking.

Fracking has allowed us to produce large quantities of oil and natural gas, which increases their supply and lowers their prices. In his fifth video in The Heartland Institute’s Fracking Facts series, titled “Fracking and Global Warming,” Isaac Orr explains what fracking is and the role it plays in the debate over global warming, a.k.a. “climate change.”

According to Orr, environmentalists are wrong to say fracking contributes to climate change since it is largely responsible for the transition taking place in the U.S. from relying on coal to generate electricity to relying on natural gas instead. Fracking is saving consumers billions of dollars a year while also benefiting the environment.

SOURCE: The Heartland Institute

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