Being a Petroleum Engineer is a bit like playing three or four different positions on a football team. They’re like the quarterback, the safety, the offensive line, and the wide out all at the same time.

They’re the quarterback because they find out how much oil is in a reserve, and how to extract it. They’re the safety because when things go wrong (which they will), they’re there to save the day and offer solutions to fix problems. They’re also the offensive line because they do maintenance to prevent issues, and they’re the wide out because their job is to hit paydirt and keep the operation profitable.

I outline this because a Petroleum Engineer’s day can go a variety of different ways. They could spend all day in the office going over daily reports of existing wells as well as plan upcoming work with team members in the office.

Also, given what the day requires, Petroleum Engineers could spend their time physically visiting drilling sites. They could talk to the foreman to see how things are going, oversee the construction of the drill, or look into a problem on site.

So, a day in the life can get a bit complicated, but Petroleum Engineers do have a lot of variety in what they do. There’s titles like production engineers, drilling engineers, completion engineers, and facility engineers.

The Petroleum Engineering industry is a fantastic one to get into with a lot of opportunity and variety.

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