Do you know how much disparity separates the biggest natural gas consumer per year from the second biggest? About 300 billion cubic meters. This is significant, given that the European Union comes in at number two on the global list with 402 billion cubic meters, while the United States consumers nearly double that at 778 billion cubic meters.

But what does natural gas help us with, anyway?

For one, it helps power gas turbines and steam turbines and is well-suited when used in tandem with renewable energy sources. Domestically it’s used for ovens, dryers, heating/cooling, and central heating. Most times you turn on your stove to boil water or cook soup, natural gas is what feeds the flame.

It was also reported that in 2012 there were 17.25 million natural gas vehicles in the world. Natural gas can also be used for fertilizer and the production of hydrogen.

Given all these uses, which countries make up the rest of this list? Who consumes the most natural gas worldwide? It came as a shock to me where China ended up on the list. Let’s take a look!

*Measured in cubic meters*

  1. United States – 778,000,000,000
  2. European Union – 402,100,000,000
  3. Russia – 391,500,000,000
  4. Iran – 191,200,000,000
  5. China – 177,300,000,000
  6. Japan – 113,400,000,000
  7. Saudi Arabia – 106,400,000,000
  8. Canada – 102,500,000,000
  9. Mexico – 83,200,000,000
  10. Germany – 74,600,000,000

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