The answer is a resounding yes. Our cars could possibly run on a number of fuels, and a few of them will surprise you. Of course, these fuels are still incapable of powering the entirety of mankind. However when I hear that one of these cars runs on water, that got my attention. Here are a few surprising alternative fuel sources that scientists and engineers have come up with.

Vegetable Oil

Volkswagen has actually created a car that runs on vegetable oil. It’s called the Bio-Beetle and is powered entirely by bio-diesel.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

It turns out there’s a lot of experimentation happening at the offices of the major automotive brands. Mercedes released their concept car a few years ago that ran on hydrogen fuel cells. The problem is that this fuel is exceedingly dangerous to store, and it’s a problem that scientists are still trying to conquer as we speak.


Yes, really! A Japanese manufacturer managed to create a car which can travel 80 kilometers per hour for an hour running on simple H20. The car uses hydrogen electrons from the water to create electricity, which powers the motor.

Wood Pellets

You might want to re-think what you burn in your campfire now. There’s a few cars out there that run on what’s known as biomass, which are living and recently dead biological material that we can use for our fuel.

Compressed Air

Lastly, French engineers managed to create a car that runs on compressed air. I would go into more detail for you, but what else is there to explain? This might be an energy source of the future.

These are some novel fuel sources, however, we probably won’t be seeing them power our cars on a massive scale in the near future. Despite that, it’s fun to see the scientific advances being made!

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