Haley Barbour is a Republican politician who gained national notoriety in the days after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Mississippi, and other states. He served as the 63rd Governor of Mississippi from 2004-2012, and his response to Katrina was looked at favorably among the people in his home state–similar to Rudy Giuliani’s response to 9/11.

With that said, it’s fun to look back on conversations held about Donald Trump prior to his election victory. Many people T. Boone Pickens had on his show didn’t believe Trump could win, but Haley Barbour is not part of that category. Let’s dive right into their conversation.

A Look Back On Ronald Reagan

Boone and Barbour met at the Reagan White House in 1985.

“Reagan had a divided Congress and a large Democratic majority in the house but he still knew how to get things done,” said Barbour.

Boone responded, saying, “I don’t think people knew who he was until he got there.”

Remind you of anyone? Him being an actor made people underestimate him. He knew how to negotiate, and people liked Reagan even when they didn’t agree with him.

What The Polls Said About Trump

It was then that Barbour opened up the real can of worms, predicting “Trump’s going to be the Republican nominee.”

“They [Hillary and Trump] will be, by polling, two of the most negatively perceived nominees of major parties in the history of polling.”

Barbour argued Trump needed to get 65 million votes to be elected. With the benefit of hindsight we know he won with 62,979,879 votes–almost a full 3,000,000 less than Hillary.

“It is possible he gets these big crowds in the Primaries, but there’s a whole lot of Republicans who don’t go through the trouble of voting in the Primary,” Barbour said.

“But anybody who underestimates him has been asleep for the past nine months.”

What America Wanted

“Two-thirds of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction, and more than 60 percent of people have said that for the past three years,” argued Barbour.

It’s pretty clear that Americans didn’t want a third term with Obama. Boone made a great point, saying, “If you’re in the heartland on Main Street–working class, middle class, small business–there hadn’t been a recovery.”

A funny story to end on, and probably the best part of the interview, was a story that T. Boone’s daughter told him about when she realized Trump could actually win. She changed her mind when she saw a guy get in a car that should’ve been in a junkyard, and it had a Trump sticker on the back of it. She said, if he’s for Trump, then Trump could win.

And that, as we all know, is exactly what happened.

For more of the interesting conversation between Haley Barbour and T. Boone Pickens, download Episode 13 of the T. Boone Pickens Channel.

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