In our continuing coverage of the best conversations from the T. Boone Pickens Channel, we turn to his interview with former United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Flynn served for 33 years in the Army, and just resigned as National Security Advisor in Trump’s administration. For a while it was rumored whether he would run alongside Trump as Vice President. In their conversation, Boone and Flynn talked about warfare, energy, and world population.

Flynn on Warfare

General Michael Flynn has a lot of interesting thoughts on how the American public views conflict in the middle east. For one he wants to know the absolute truth of what’s going on over there. He believes there’s too much painting over of how bad it is in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“From the outside there was never a plan,” he said. “We never had a strategy that would follow us through to victory. In warfare you go to war to win.”

Even though our military forces have never been beaten on the battlefield– we never saw success because it’s the ideology that America faces.

He reiterated that war is not about love and unity–it’s about determination and resolve. Spoken like a true general.

Flynn on Energy

40 percent of the oil coming out of the Persian Gulf goes to China.

“We guarantee Chinese energy security and have been guaranteeing Chinese energy security for 40 years,” General Flynn says.

“The United States can create sufficient energy needs frankly for most of the world if we decided to do that.”

Boone stops him there to correct him a bit.

It turns out 95 million barrels of oil are produced every day in the world, and the United States produces 10 percent of that. Saudi Arabia produces 10 percent as well, with OPEC producing 32 percent.

T. Boone Pickens says:

“Energy is not well understood in Washington.”

In Boone’s eyes, the Middle East gave substantial amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation. Since Hillary ran on a platform of shutting down fracking and cutting back on fossil fuel consumption, he seems to think she’s doing the Middle East a favor.

“It’s going to help the Middle East,” Flynn cuts in.

Flynn on World Population

Flynn believes we’re going to use fossil fuels for a long time–another century. 1950 was the first time a census was taken for the world, turning out to be roughly around 2.4 billion people. In 2010 we had close to 7 billion people.

A lot of these people are located in the southern hemisphere of the world–India, Southeast Asia, and other places.

“The problem with many of these large populations that are growing rapidly is that there’s no governance, or there’s poor governance, or it’s corrupt governance,” Flynn starts.

“And the needs that those people have fall into three categories: food, water, and energy.”

Because of this need for basic resources, that creates a very bad environment.

“You’re going to have a bunch of young men with nothing to do and they’re going to be radicalized,” he continues.

In the end, Flynn wants to depend less on other countries.

“I want the rest of the world to depend on the United States for leadership and other commodities because that’s the kind of stuff that we can create,” Flynn concludes.

For more of the interesting conversation between Flynn and T. Boone Pickens, download Episode 35 of the T. Boone Pickens Channel.

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