Humans spend about thirty percent of their lives at work. Before you go off and cry in a corner about that, there’s a bright side. Not all companies are hard to work for–there are, in fact, businesses that treat their employees incredibly well, and the oil and gas industry is no exception.

But which oil and gas companies are the best to work for? We’ve rounded up a short list so you didn’t have to–aren’t we nice? Here are the best American oil and gas companies you could possibly work for.

  1. Chevron

Chevron is constantly cited as one of the best companies in America to work for, much less one of the best oil and gas companies. Average median pay is $122,000, and they boasted an employee satisfaction rating of 81 percent. Also, did you know that they employ 61,500 workers? Incredible.

  1. ConocoPhillips

Headquarted in Houston, ConocoPhillips has fantastic student recruitment programs, early-career development, and job satisfaction at 78 percent. Average median pay is $111,000.

  1. Baker Hughes

Also headquartered in Houston, Baker Hughes focuses more on employee potential, not necessarily their immediate qualifications. Because of this, they created LearnLink, which is basically just an online system for workers to gain new skills and learn more about their craft. Average median pay is $93,700.

  1. ExxonMobil

It’s no surprise that ExxonMobil is on the list. In 2014, the company spent $115 million on professional development. They have a high median pay ($117,000), and they spend time to help their employees advance in their field. That’s why they’re included in this fantastic list.

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