Ken Bone is a product of the right place, the right time, and a whole lot of social media. We all know him from the Second Presidential Debate, and if you don’t, well, here’s the video.

I can’t really tell you why he became so famous, but I have a hunch it had something to do with the cuteness of his red sweater, stylish moustache, and the fact that he used a disposable camera after the festivities ended.

It was just a massive cluster of cuteness.

The internet didn’t just let this slip, though. They collectively got to work, churning out some of the most hilarious memes, videos, and Vines the world has ever seen. Luckily we’ve collected a few of them here for your viewing pleasure, as we reminisce on the night that Ken Bone went from ordinary man to internet legend.

1. But seriously, though.

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