To many, natural gas is considered a fantastic prospect for the future of energy. It burns clean, there’s a ton of it still underneath the ground, and our infrastructure thoroughly supports the speedy transfer and use of this powerful fossil fuel.

Yes, we know it’s used for cooking and the heating of our homes, but what more is there to know about natural gas? Here are seven interesting facts about the common fossil fuel.

  1. It has the cleanest combustion profile of all the fossil fuels. The main byproducts are carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are the same byproducts we expel when we breathe.
  2. It’s commonly found in nature in swamps and bogs.
  3. Natural Gas was formerly considered a waste product of oil production and was burned off at the well. What a waste!
  4. The United States has 300,000 miles of natural gas pipelines. That’s enough to wrap around planet earth 37.5 times.
  5. Extensive new fields have the potential to turn natural gas into the energy source of the future. With growing climate change initiatives and new emphasis on clean energy, natural gas is poised to make more of an impact on our everyday lives.
  6. Raw Natural Gas contains heavier hydrocarbons that are worth more if removed from it via liquefaction. These byproducts are called NGL’s (Natural Gas Liquids).
  7. One of the first applications of natural gas was for street lights in small towns.

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