Did you know the oil and gas industry accounts for one-third of humanity’s energy? Yes, I’m giving out facts already.

Oil and gas is honestly too enormous for us to contemplate. There’s millions of miles of pipeline that feed natural gas directly into our homes, and basically every home in America. If we laid these pipelines out, they would stretch from the earth to the moon 7-8 times. Did I just drop another fact? Oh well.

With the help of a wonderful column on Forbes, here are a few crazy facts about oil and gas.

  1. 40 percent of all seaborne cargo is oil. By weight, there’s more oil in transit over the seas of the Earth than there are fish. This means if you calculated the combined biomass of all fish in the sea, it still wouldn’t hold a candle to the weight of all oil transported over the Earth’s oceans.
  2. Because of its scale, there’s no feasible energy source that can replace our dependence on oil and gas within our lifetime.
  3. The difference in power generation between oil and solar energy is like comparing a Formula 1 racecar and a professional cyclist.
  4. If the energy from solar power generation doubled every decade for the next 100 years, it would still be behind oil significantly.
  5. You’re safer statistically on an oil rig floor than driving around with a real estate agent.

There’s really a ton of other facts that I could get into, but these should show you the sheer scale and dependability we have for this incredible industry.

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