If I had a dollar–scratch that–a penny for every time my mother told me how to save gas and operate my car, I would be as rich as Rockefeller.

I’m only half joking by the way.

It turns out many of the common beliefs we have about gas mileage are actually false–like the idea that we need to warm up our car before driving it. I always thought this was complete fact since both my father and mother told me this was best practice, but it turns out cars really don’t need it.

So, here are a few other myths about gas mileage, thanks to Market Watch, that somehow became a thing.

  1. Manual transmission renders better fuel economy

We can thank advances in technology for the improved efficiency of automatic transmissions. In 2016, automatic gets the same or better fuel efficiency than manual.

  1. Premium fuel improves fuel efficiency

As far as gas mileage goes, you won’t see any benefit to using premium fuel over regular.

  1. Smaller cars always get better fuel economy

Again, we can thank technology like low rolling resistance tires, direct fuel injection, and advanced transmissions for allowing bigger cars to also be more efficient. In fact, for the 2014 year, five of the top ten vehicles were midsize or large cars.

  1. You need more fuel to start a car than to let it idle

Fuel injected engines start very efficiently, while idling can cost you a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour.

  1. Fuel economy decreases as your car ages

Thankfully this isn’t true! A well-maintained vehicle with keep trucking along efficiently for many years to come.

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