Mythbusters did so well through eleven seasons because we hold on to common misconceptions so fiercely. Then when we’re proven wrong, it seems our entire world gets shattered in an instant.

It’s almost like some sort of weird euphoria we become addicted to, getting our mind blown like that. There’s also a few common myths about the oil and gas industry just waiting to be busted. Here are a few of them–thank me later!

  1. Crude Oil Is From Dinosaurs

It’s a common myth that petroleum is from the decayed remains of dinosaurs. It’s actually from plants and animals who lived millions of years ago even before dinosaurs ruled the earth. Nature finds a way.

  1. Extracted Oil Is Always Liquid

Oil can be many kinds of viscous, from liquid to solid. Bitumen found in oil sands can be as hard as a brick.

  1. Saudi Arabia Produces The Most Oil and Gas

The United States is actually the world’s largest oil and gas producer.

  1. Wall Street Speculation Causes Gas Prices To Fluctuate

Both of our most recent Presidents looked into this, and they found that spikes in oil prices are primarily driven by normal market forces.

  1. Boycotting A Gasoline Brand Would Cause A Decrease In Overall Gas Prices

Boycotting a certain company wouldn’t alter supply and demand. There’s too many driving forces in the global economy for it to have any real effect.

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