Texas, Alaska, and even Colorado are some of the top states for oil and gas work in America, but what about abroad? There’s opportunities for oil and gas elsewhere in the world too, and some of these opportunities are quite lucrative. We cross-analyzed multiple sources to bring you a few places to think about. Here they are:


Fuel Fix reports that foreign workers traveling to Australia made $164,000 on average in 2014. Even petroleum engineering jobs in Australia are lucrative. Insider Monkey states petroleum engineers earned $211,500 in 2015, so there’s opportunity for multiple job types. In every place we researched, Australia was at the top of the list every time.


Known as “Europe’s Energy Capital,” Norway supplies one-third of Europe with gasoline. Petroleum Engineers earn $228,500 here, and regular workers can expect to make $147,000 per year on average.


Another good performer, workers in Denmark can expect to make anywhere from $115,000 to $129,000. Petroleum Engineers in Denmark can also make $171,000 according to Insider Monkey.

South Korea

Wages for foreign workers in South Korea are pretty high, ranging from $142,000 to $156,500. Local workers only make about $70,000 to $81,400 here.


For American workers looking at other countries, you might not have to travel far! Canada offers Petroleum Engineers $183,000 on average, with regular workers making anywhere from $119,000 to $130,000.

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