There’s a certain stretch of road from Maryland up through Harrisburg, PA that I drove up and back all through college. I remember this road because there were only two lanes, a ton of congestion, and what seemed to be the entire United States population of tanker trucks traveling on it each and every day.

Driving behind slow trucks for twenty miles was something I needed to accept, I guess. While I traveled behind these slow beasts I got to wondering about where they were going, and how many there were, and what they looked like on the inside.

I used to think these tanker trucks had one huge compartment where all the gasoline would slosh around, but upon further investigation, this would cause serious problems for stability. Let’s take a look at some of the facts I found about tank trucks.

  1. There Are Multiple Compartments

It makes sense to have multiple compartments so tank trucks can carry different grades of fuel. It also makes sense from a safety point of view, as displaced water gyrating about in the tank could lead it to turn over.

  1. They Hold 9,000 Gallons of Gasoline, Give or Take

There’s an 80,000-pound weight limit for trucks in the United States, and seeing how a gallon of gasoline typically weighs 7 pounds, most tank trucks transporting gasoline won’t carry more than 9,000 gallons.

  1. Most Tanker Truck Drivers Make $40,000 – $50,000 Per Year

The average tanker truck driver can make this much, while an independent tank driver can make a little bit more.

  1. Some Stations Need Multiple Fill-Ups Per Day

Tank trucks can hold 9,000 gallons of gasoline, and some gas stations are so busy that they need multiple trucks to fill up their reservoirs every single day. Other gas stations only need about 1,500 gallons of gasoline.

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