If you’re like me, Urban Dictionary is one of your favorite things of all time. I love words anyway, so to see new, hilarious jargon makes my day every time.

If you think about it, every industry has its own jargon, which got me thinking about some of the jargon that those in the oil and gas industry might use. Come to find out there’s a plethora of ways to say things on the oil rig, or in the industry.

Listed below are a few of my favorites, along with examples for how to use them in conversation.

1. Worm – An inexperienced oilfield worker who hasn’t graduated to be a “hand.”

NOT: Earth-dwelling, eyeless animals that feed on human remains.

2. Pay Sand – The portion of a reservoir containing hydrocarbons that can be economically produced.

NOT: Pay Dirt, AKA the term people on the show “Gold Rush” use wayyy too often.

3. Hitch – A work period. Typical hitches last 20 days, followed by 10 days off.

NOT: The popular movie starring Eva Mendes and Will Smith.

4. Ginzel – Name for the lowest skilled worker on the crew.

NOT: Harry Potter’s girlfriend/wife.

5. Fish – The remnants of a drill string, or any other material, that has unintentionally fallen into the wellbore. Furthermore “fishing” refers to attempting to capture this material and retrieve it from the wellbore.

NOT: Scaled animals with gills typically found in the sea.

6. Blowout – A sudden explosion/release of pressure from the underground well.

NOT: The outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII.

7. Big Bear – A hitch that lasts longer than 50 days.

NOT: What mauled Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

8. Pig – A device for cleaning the pipeline, normally inserted directly into the pipeline itself.

NOT: The magical creature that produces bacon.

9. Joint – A length of pipe.

NOT: An illegal (in some states) piece of drug paraphernalia.

10. Wet Gas – Gas containing large amounts of fluid.

NOT: An accident that typically happens after too much Taco Bell.

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