Swift Worldwide Resources recently came out with a list of the top contract positions in the oil and gas industry. Most of the top ten are located in one of three countries, surprisingly enough, with none located in the United States!

Some of these per-day payouts are pretty lucrative, so for anyone that wants to travel a little bit, the rewards could be well worth the risk.

Swift Resources made this list by analyzing 7,500 jobs across 30 countries to come up with the top 250–but we’ll cut to the chase by giving you the top 10.

Here they are, along with a little information about each job title below.

  1. Completion Manager in Australia: up to $3075 per day
  2. Drilling Manager in Australia: up to $2942 per day
  3. Drilling Manager in Nigeria: up to $2844 per day
  4. Project Services Director in Nigeria: up to $2817 per day
  5. Drilling Manager in Iraq: up to $2766 per day
  6. Completion Manager in Venezuela: up to $2715 per day
  7. Project Manager in Iraq: up to $2700 per day
  8. Subsea Manager in Australia: up to $2692 per day
  9. Drilling Manager in Angola: up to $2631 per day
  10. Completion Manager in Iraq: up to $2624 per day

Completion Manager – Responsible for handing over the project facilities to the final owner after preparation and testing.

Drilling Manager – Responsible for planning and safely executing drilling operations while providing assistance to management teams.

Project Manager/Project Services Director – They plan, monitor, and organize people to achieve a specific goal or project.

Subsea Manager – Responsible for overseeing the subsea well control system and calling in any necessary help for maintenance or repairs.

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