Oil & Gas Hubs Of The World: Your Guide To Moving In & Fitting In


At The Surge, we know to succeed in the oil and gas industry often means survival of the fittest. We also know that today’s low oil prices leave many with few options, but to go where the work is. This can mean picking up your entire life, putting it in a suitcase and going somewhere foreign where nothing makes sense.

To help you survive this whirlwind adventure, we’ve put together a book to help you more easily move-in and fit in in many of the O&G hubs all over world.

Our writer Helen Anne Travis had the privilege of interviewing some of the top bloggers, business owners and locals in the world’s most exciting cities to give you a better understanding of these amazing, yet intricate cities before your big move!

The people you’ll meet in our book are locals who will give you their inside, realistic perspectives of what to expect upon arrival so you won’t be caught off guard by certain seemingly strange local customs. For example, did you know in Kuala Lumpur it’s considered rude to point with your finger? Instead, make your first into a ball and point with your thumb.

This book is filled with helpful hints such as suggestions for moving companies, apartment locators and valuable tidbits of information like in some places you must pay an entire year’s rent up front – and be careful not to bounce the check because it could land you in jail.

We know being in O&G is all about working hard and playing hard so you’ll also learn where the best bars in the city are and at which ones you might even be able to score a free drink!

At The Surge, we pride ourselves on making O&G cool again, for the first time ever! We hope you have fun on your new journey and hope this book helps you learn the best and worst parts of life for expats in these bustling O&G hubs.

Thanks for doing your part to keep this industry turning to the right. Don’t forget to share your travels with us on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Twitter so we can share your travels with the rest of our worldwide O&G community.

Safe travels and Surge on!

Elizabeth Vinson
Editor In Chief, TheSurge.com


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