Everything You Need To Know About The Oil & Gas Biz

everything-you-need-to-knowIs it possible to know everything there is to know about the oil and gas industry? Who knows – but this book will definitely help you try! If names like Daniel Yergin, Harold Hamm, and The Koch Brothers don’t ring a bell, they soon will.

We’ll take you from the “5 Things You Need To Know Before Applying To A Petroleum Engineering School” to “How Drones Are Revolutionizing The O&G Biz” and everything in between.

For example: Do you know what the top 5 Petroleum Engineering schools are in the U.S.? In the world? Do you know which cities, both stateside and around the globe, are best to scope out if you want to be in the biz? This book defines all that and more.

Maybe school isn’t your thing? No problem! We have other real-world information on how you can still enjoy a career in the oil and gas industry and do it in your own way.

Degree or no degree, in this industry there are a million different routes to take when planning a career. To help narrow things down, we’ve identified the top paying industry jobs to give you a better idea of where you want to go so you can start planning how to get there.

From past to present, this book, touches on it all. Want to know the 5 biggest O&G deals in history or where to look for the best O&G gear? This book will help you know a little bit of everything, getting you through those first few months in school or on the job.

And let’s not forget…though it is a traditionally male-dominated industry, more and more women are joining the O&G ranks every day. This is just one more aspect of the industry we highlight in this book, identifying the top heavy-hitting females in our diverse industry. Hear their stories and maybe one day we’ll see your name among them!

At TheSurge.com, we explain the complexities of the O&G industry in a way which is easily digested by today’s audience. We take the same approach with this book, giving you an overview on exactly what “shale” is and you won’t have to re-read it three times just to understand it.

The oil and gas industry is no joke and there’s a lot to learn, but who said we couldn’t have some fun along the way too. Whether you’re in the industry as a newbie or an OG, we’ll help you learn the ins and outs of this complicated industry. Then you will be a step ahead of the game and one step closer to knowing everything there is to know about this age-old industry.

Good luck & Surge on!

Elizabeth Vinson
Editor In Chief, The Surge