About The Surge

TheSurge.com is a media site that covers all things oil and gas in a relatable, relaxed voice of today. We have broken the site down into four main categories: News, Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream with the News section having two subcategories: Timely & Topical and Daily Distraction.

Letter from the Editor…

Not your boring old Oil & Gas media website, The Surge is built to inform, educate, and entertain. The Surge makes it easier for everyone to be O&G savvy as we cover all parts of the industry in a real and relatable voice.

Traditional O&G media can leave industry newbies and non-experts scratching their heads as they try not to fall asleep on their keyboards. It might be an extremely intricate industry, but with today’s technology, relaying and interpreting this information doesn’t have to be boring. In short, The Surge is where O&G comes to have fun upping their industry IQ.

The writers you meet at The Surge come from all walks of life — some write about the industry from the heart of the Utica Shale while others cover O&G politics from The Energy Capital Of The World. Whether you’re currently experiencing your first downturn or your third, The Surge’s wide variety of content from O&G History to Timely & Topical news will keep you well-versed and entertained.

Between work, school, friends, family and Pokémon GO we know you have a busy schedule so we’ll do our part to keep you informed in a way that compliments your fast-paced lifestyle. So, if you’re a worm, an O&G OG, or somewhere in between, thanks for joining us and welcome to this new era of O&G at The Surge!

Elizabeth-VinsonElizabeth Vinson
Editor In Chief, The Surge